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Having had an “eventful “ start of our getting together, we very soon had a strong feeling of a “match made in heaven”. The feeling of unity and complicity grew stronger and stronger over the years, making us decide to seal this feeling with a yes to each other.
Seeking the blessing of our children, family and friends, we would love to celebrate this all  with you.
After all, growing old together , taking on the challenges of life together, embarking on beautiful adventures  and  the feeling of coming home  ...  all flow with a natural feeling, that we want to capture till the end of our days.
Antiparos, not an obvious choice in terms of location, has felt so idyllic to us for from the very start of our relationship.
The island  where we meet with our children every year,  feels a bit like home coming to us.
We really wanted to share this little piece of magic  with all of you.. .
We are very happy to celebrate this chapter of our life, with all of you as our witnesses .
Isabelle & Marc

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